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710 King Pen Banana Sherbet Cartridge

710 King Pen Banana Sherbet Cartridge

710 King Pen Banana Sherbet Cartridge

$25 / Half Gram Cartridges

$30 / Full Gram Cartridges

The aroma Kingpen Banana Sherbet Cartridge is sweet and fruity (Banana Flavors), with banana Kush flavors that are even sweeter and more appealing when breaking open a nug. The smoke is delicious too--smooth and mild, it's slightly sweet with a lip-smacking creamy flavor.

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The high has a wonderful, relaxing euphoria and a focused, energized creativity. It begins with a light body tingle and a euphoric rush; as the high progresses you'll feel more and more relaxed, but not knocked back or spaced out. Instead you may want to dive into an art project, a new song, or intellectual pursuit--this is wonderfully balanced medicine, ideal when you want to be relaxed but productive, focused but not buzzing. A great choice for getting fun things done

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