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Exotic Carts Mars OG Cartridge

Exotic Carts Mars OG Cartridge

Exotic Carts Mars OG Cartridge

$20 / Full Gram Cartridges

Exotic Carts Mars OG Cartridge provides an old-school style high that effects both the body and the mind equally in a way that reminds of Haze (another Bay-Area strain that originated in Santa Cruz in the 60’s) and other classic “heady highs” from my adolescence, strains that usually induced couch lock and blood-shot eyes. Other reviews online suggest that Exotic Carts Mars OG Cartridge can make you lazy and disorganized but the high is found to be mild.

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Mars OG is a fitting name for this medium-strength, indica-based, OG phenotype, known for it’s “spacey” effects. On the first pull I feel an immediate sense of calm and relaxation in my body followed by a head-trip that feels like a day-dream.

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