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Exotic Carts Grape Pie Cartridge

Exotic Carts Grape Pie Cartridge

Exotic Carts Grape Pie Cartridge

$20 / Full Gram Cartridges

Exotic Carts Grape Pie Cartridge is a slightly indica dominant hybrid that combines Grape Stomper and Cherry Pie bred by the one & only Cannarado Genetics Group. Buy Exotic Carts Grape Pie Cartridge and enjoy the sweet beautiful aroma. The name comes from the strong grape jelly aroma smothered in grandma’s homemade pie crust & grape juice like flavor it is known to leave on your pallet. This unique cross is known to bring happy & euphoric effects followed by a strong body buzz that will alleviate anxiety, depression, & restlessness.

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Exotic Carts Grape Pie Cartridge tastes exactly like grape pie! Especially good for anxiety, ADD, and pain. Which is what it is used for. The high is happy but not overwhelming.

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