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Brass Knuckles Los Angeles Kush Cartridge

Brass Knuckles Los Angeles Kush Cartridge

Brass Knuckles Los Angeles Kush Cartridge

$35 / Full Gram Cartridges

Originating in Los Angeles, California, LA Kush is a hybrid with obscure genetic roots. Not to be confused with OG Los Angeles Kush, the general consensus is that LA Kush is a variety of OG Kush, and possibly a select phenotype of Abusive OG. In spite of the mystery, LA Kush presents itself as an earthy mix of pine and menthol flavors. Its happy effects bring a smile to your face, lifting your mood and relaxing sore muscles. If you are looking to alleviate stress or need a spark of creativity, look to LA Kush

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Brass Knuckles and Los Angeles Kush are proud to present the Los Angeles Kush Cartridge. This tranquilizing indica packs a heavy OG flavor profile characterized by notes of evergreen and lemon pine. Sure to excite concentrate enthusiasts all over, this collaboration perfectly captures the essence of Los Angeles Kush’s namesake strain in a convenient cartridge form.

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